6 april

Now im in bed and doing some of the homework I have.    I was tanning to day at a nice place in the mall, good people is working there. now im looking at my tv it is a prinsess diary the last movie, kind of cut and very funny!

No im not nerves jet about the trip but I think it is coming and yes I will take a lot of pict. and today i was at the mall and bought a new battery for my camera, it was 40 dollar but a guy how working there told me that i could get the same battery for 1,99 dollar. It was just because the plastic on it was broken. yeay so I could buy me a camera pocket too :) I just spend 23 dollar on best buy! Good buy from my side :D

Now I need to sleep and if you have any questions so just tell me and I answer them to morrow!!

many hugs Hannah

Postat av: Marika

Ohhh, it´s good for me to read your english blogg.

I need to practise you now!!

Skriver lite så Mona Selitz fattar nåt oxå eller?

Hugs and kisses to U Johanna!!

2009-04-07 @ 21:22:38

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