Nu sitter jag har forsta jobb dagen. Ett ar i staterna!

well well here I am and waiting for the time to go by. I fixed almost all the things in my room, the cloths are still in the bag.. the closet arent that big.. anyway I like my room its a little small but it have a bed and a closet + a mirror, then Hannah is all set :)   The livingroom are soo nice, det har balkar i taket som man ser skit snyggt! The bathroom dont have a bath but i dont need one eather It has so cute wallpaper and a trekantig sink.

I havent meet the hole family yet, just my hostmum and the oldest girl.   I like it, gonna meet the rest of the famliy later today :) Nervos! But think it will be good!

So I havent been out yet so when I going out I will uodate about that too..

Now I gonna go and take a shower and do somethings in my room!  bye so long

OPPS forgott to tell you people today is the BIG day, I have been in the states for a year now :) yeay mee!

Postat av: Marika

Jisse är det redan 1 år? Hm....tiden går fort!

Lycka till i nya familjen!

Kramar i MASSOR marika

2009-09-09 @ 10:56:45
Postat av: Siw

Lycka till i ditt nya hem JOhanna!!!!!!!!

2009-09-14 @ 09:14:47

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